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Short SCOA History

SCOA was formed in 1980 and at first was focused on creating an organization to share feedback to the builder, CE Ryder, for proposed design & construction changes. Some of these chanages led to some improvements such as an improved deck design on the SC31. Another mission of SCOA was to provide an exchange for owners who had purchages "kit" boats. Unlike "factory finished" boats, which were built and ready to sail, these "kit" boats were offererd in various stages from a bare hull (Level 1), to hull and deck (Level 2) to complete hull, deck and some interior components (level 3). As the association evolved more owners were anxious to share both their knowledge of the boat but also their experiences sailing and cruising. The association continued to evolve as CE Ryder went out of business in th e1990's and the need for the association to be the clearinghouse of information about the boats and to facilitate an exchange of information for new owners was an important role. Most recently, the association continues to evolve and to re-create itself. SCOA today is relevant for both new and experienced Southern Cross sailors as the exchange of ideas and experiences continues through the use of the web site, newsletters, annual meetings and rendezvous continues. 

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