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Added a few more boats for sale.


New items for sale under Gear ! Check it out


Zoom meeting postponed. Sorry to disappoint the few who did sign up but looking for another date where we can get the word out earlier and host our meeting. 

1/12/2023 Update

Happy New Year!  Sorry, there maybe some confusion on the annual meeting. We have not contracted any plans with the hotel or meeting space and the web site has this as an option. At this time we are planning a zoom meeting but if that changes, watch this space. We will post an email shortly in an effort to improve communication and coordination. 

We would welcome anyone to host a rendezvsous in 2023. Remember, all you need is two boats and you have a rendezvous of sorts ! Just invite others!

Happy New Year,

Bill & Deb

Welcome! Here you will find information about the Southern Cross Yachts, boats for sale, history, news, events and a community to join and share information.

SCOA was formed in 1980 and is a group of volunteers owners. SCOA is relevant for both new and experienced Southern Cross sailors as the exchange of ideas and experience continues through use of the web site, newsletters, annual meetings and rendezvous and owner-to-owner collaboration.

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome new members. Just follow the links.   

News 11/17/2022

Good Old Boat Looking for Feedback - you should have received an email blast !

 Thanks for attending last week's zoom meet and greet. It was fun to share stories and share ideas centered around our passion for our boats. 

We will be assembling Issue 109 for December.

Interested in a hybrid meeting this winter fall? Let us know so we can start planning. We have not met in person since 2020. Please email Deb if you would be interested in meeting in Newport this winter.


Select video in the menu and play the one that’s called “Feeling the Wind”. 


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